The Team

Here you’ll find the team which is providing crucial advice and help to pull this expedition together. It is this team of explorers and professionals that are providing the advice, knowledge and expertise to ensure that Leandro will be fit and ready for his expedition to Antarctica next year.

Daniel Burton – Cyclist and Author

In 2014 Daniel Burton became the first person to reach the South Pole by bike. Burton relates the details of his endeavor in ‘South Pole Epic’, a book which has amazed and inspired many. Leandro was already entertaining the idea of cycling in Antarctica, but reading Daniel Burton’s book gave him the confirmation that it was what he really wanted to do. After spending a few months in touch with Daniel, Leandro invited him to come to Shanghai where the two of them worked together planning the project down to the last detail; from the route to the gears, from the logistics to training.

Hannah McKeand – Polar Guru

In 2006 Hannah McKeand set a new world record for skiing from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, completing the 690 mile journey in just 39 days, 9 hours and 33 minutes. Hannah McKeand is one of the most experienced polar guide and trainer. She has been in Antarctica more times than anyone. Hannah will be in charge of Leandro’s training in Greenland and Norway and will make sure that he has the physical skills as well as the technical knowledge to be successful in Antarctica.

Mia Ballenden – Dietician

Based on valuable lessons learned on prior expeditions, combined with her study of and experience in sports dietetics Mia has designed one of the most advanced polar diets to date. Each day’s calories have been carefully planned to ensure that the optimal level of protein/fat/carbohydrates are consumed so that weight is kept to a minimum.

Wan Qing Wang – Physical Therapist

Dr. Wang is overseeing Leandro’s conditioning and making sure that he prepares for his great challenge without suffering any injury. Dr Wang will be on call should any physical issue arise during the expedition.

Other than those mentioned above we would like to acknowledge here the support and help given to this project by the following people:

Bu weijie, Jiang Yifeng, Jin Yan, Meng Fangkang, Tao Jian, Wu Weifeng, Gilson Martins, Laure Sarlin, Letizia Gilardino, Nicola Craig, Pat Seman, Patricia Linscheer, Ryan Christoph, Ruby Wever, and Susan Ryan.