Leandro, I want to wish you a safe but fruitful trip to Antarctica. I hope you achieve this and continue to motivate people around the world to achieve their goals!! You are inspirational to those who dare to try.

Myles-United Kingdom

Le, when I first heard of your plan, I was especially proud of your courage, but also very worried about you. Your spirit is worth it learning for all. I hope you can have a safe trip and achieve success. Lots of love!


As always I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you in this great adventure. Best of luck, Leandro!

Pat Seman - Netherlands

Sending ALL my best wishes to you for this adventure, Le! You are the only person I know who could do something so wild and wonderful. I will pray for your safety and strength through it all. Love from Nicola.

Nicola - Canada

Le, I wish I had a third of your braveness on me. I'm so proud of you, making a dream become true is not an easy job and your dream is everything except easy. I'm glad our path crossed. Good luck and success!

Bruno - Brazil

Leandro, sometimes as teachers we can't see our lives going beyond the classroom but with this adventure you will prove to your colleagues that there is a world to explore beyond the classroom. Good luck!

Marco – Israel

Le, you are "the little train that could". Just keep saying "I think I can. I think I can..." and you can make it over anything. Best wishes!

Quillan J Daniels - Australia

We know that this great project is a long cherished dream of yours Leandro. And we know that everything will come together. We wish you a lot of blessings in the difficult times and there is always ONE that will watch over you. You can do it!

Jos and Til - Netherlands

Leandro, I don't think you will need it, but good luck on this awesome adventure. Your tenacity to make this a success inspires me on the daily, and I look forward to following you along on your journey. Keep pushing yourself past your limits even during the hardest points! Kick ass my friend!

Ryan - United States

Dear Leandro, good luck with the next chapter of your journey, my friend.
You have biked all around the world and successfully conquered a whole classroom of screaming kindergarten kids. I'm not surprised your next challenge is biking through the endless snow.

Manda Munro - Australia

Good luck, Le! I was fascinated to hear about all your previous travels when we met in Shanghai, and I'm looking forward to following your journey towards the South Pole! I wish you a successful expedition and am confident you will achieve your goal!

Matt G. - United States

Hey Le, it was great working together with you in Shanghai. I wish you to have the strength to complete this trip till the end, but in case you don't make it, can I have your bike? :D

Stephan - France

My friend Leandro, Wishing you good luck for your next adventure.
Your past accomplishments show you as a man of great character and strong willpower. If anybody can conquer Antarctica on his bike, it will be you.

Jemuel Surjanto – The Philippines

Dear Leandro, I pray to God to send his guardian angels to help you on your journey to Antarctica. Remember to take your Bible and to meditate on God's word. May Jesus Christ our Lord protect and bless you on your great adventure!

Levente Bodnár - Hungary

Dear "Ice Man" Leandro, you proved that you can do anything. With your dedication and effort I know you will accomplish this challenge too! Have a safe trip!

Janet - Netherlands

Leandro Martins!
I'm praying for the Lord to bless you on this new challenge. Your courage inspires us and makes me proud of calling you friend. All the best, champion! A big hug from Brazil.

Santos - Brazil

Hey my dear friend, such a great guy with an adventurous life. For this project, you will absolutely make it to the end. Bless you with all the good luck and my love. Remember to call me when you get there!

Guo Jing - China

Dear Le, I am so happy to see your website and the pictures here. I wish you good luck for this endeavor. With your energy and dedication anything is possible. Good luck brother, you are a true dervish :)

Hashemy - Pakistan

Dear Leandro, dear friend,
When I met you in Prague in 2013 you seemed to be a "normal" biking guy. Now I know that you are a crazy "normal biking guy“. I wish you a fantastic experience. Live your dream, because this is the way to be happy. Good luck and take care. Big, big hugs!

Odile Poulain - Czech Republic

Dear Leandro, I wish you all the luck possible for this next bike adventure, it will be a great adventure. Not only for you, but for all the children that will be following you during the trip. Good luck!

Naomi Smith - Netherlands

Le, I'm sure this will be the great adventure of your life. As you said Antarctica is like going to the moon. So I hope you can enjoy the whole of it, and please be safe.
Lots of love...

Caren, Brazil

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